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Hi Coach,
 My husband and I would like to thank you so much for providing guidance to our son Jaquan.  We proudly dropped Jaquan off to Benedict College in South Carolina today. This is all a result of the college tour that you took him on a while back. My husband told Jaquan that he needed to contact you and thank you but I also deemed it necessary for us as parents to thank you as well. So rest assured that your hard work in giving back to the community youth is not in vain. Once again, we are grateful to you.  Sheila C
We truly appreciate all that you are doing, the Lord laid it on my heart to provide something. It wasn't much but God can use anything; just like he did with the fishes and loaves. Your ministry is an answer to my son's prayer. Last year Rocco wanted to play football and there was no high school team that would let him play since he was homeschooled. He was extremely disappointed, as was I, but I told him to pray that God would provide an opportunity for him to play next year. After months of praying we were introduced to your team.  Do we serve an awesome GOD or what? The lessons we both learned in trusting Him was incredible. It was all because you were faithful to His call to start this team. That's why I want to help, but I didn't want to thrust myself into your organization. I felt that if you watched me for a year that you would see that my sincere desire is to help what God has started here. Blessings to you, Tom